Thankfulness #127-152

I am thankful for
127. Being able to catching up with my awesome friend,Kelli, for a few minutes.
128. Counting down the days until Christine Barnes has her sweet baby boy, Logan.
129. The small blessings that Lucy Krull is able to have each day. Praying for this family!
130. Ahhh..!! A large sweet tea from McDonalds after another night without sleep!
131. Selection Sunday for the NCAA tournament.
132. Simple Perdue traditions: March Madness Brackets.
133. Judd filling out his first bracket.
134. The fun, laughter, teaching, learning, and growing friendship that happen in our home around sports.
135. Giggles flowing out of our boys’ bedroom at bedtime
136. Lunch with my family at the new Chick-fl-a in Millington.
137. A nap
138. A beautiful day at the park with friends.
139. An awesome birthday filled with quite a few surprises.
140. Gift cards for Chick-fli-a, McDonalds, Olympic, and Casa Mexicana for my birthday. All from my Momma. She loves me! 
141. A mom that is always thinking of my needs. She knew that not having to cook dinner on stressful nights would be such a wonderful thing for my sanity and my bank account.
142. A husband who bought me a new lens for my camera. Love it!
143. New running shoes….!!! for my birthday!
144. A 1.5 run/walk on my birthday. It has been a long time.
145. A sweet service at Crosspointe on Sunday even though all of the lights and air were out for most of the service.
144. A new Sunday school that I have been visiting. God is working in that class!
146. Hearing Jim playing with Little Sadie Baby! He just said “Baby, I love you but you can’t eat my iPhone.”
147. Seeing my baby girl get on all fours and start rocking like she might start crawling. Is this really going to happen?
148. A quick date with my hubby to see the movie Grace Card.
149. Dairy-free Cookie Dough ice cream
150. Pulling weeds, planting seeds, playing outside with the kids. I love my life!
151. My hubby knowing the perfect scripture for me in a time of need. I knew it, but just needed a reminder. The Word makes all thing right:  Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
152. Hearing from my Pastor, that I am not in control it is just an illusion of control. The Lord is in control!

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