Thankfulness #153-171

I am thankful for:

153. completing another fabulous week of school.

154. planning a “Fancy Nancy” 3rd birthday party for Anna Kate.
155. hearing “Mommy, that outfit is so pretty.” from AK as we are leaving to go to church.
156. dress shoes and tutus.
157. my man studying before delivering his message on Sunday night.

158. crazy conversations at lunch.
159. big hugs and kisses before bedtime from all of my kiddos.
160. uninterrupted quality time with Sadie after the other kiddos are in bed. She is so stinkin’ cute!
161. freshly mopped floors
162. forts being made while I am mopping the floors.

163. sweet smiles watching while I mop the kitchen floors.
164. little 5 month old feet.

165. a trip to the zoo with friends from church.
166. finishing Deuteronomy and starting the Book of Joshua this week as I read through the Bible chronologically again this year.
167. a fun conversation with my sister-in-law.
168. finally choosing correctly more winning teams on my bracket than anyone in the family!
169. a story about butterflies.

170. that my hubby surprised me by coming home 15 minutes early.
171. a family night watching Yogi Bear!

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