Thankfulness #193-208

193. the coos and gabbering of Little Sadie as she is going to sleep. She loves to “talk.”
194. Anna Kate turning 3.
195. a Fancy Nancy birthday party with 3 of Anna Kate’s girl friends at church.
196. being a mommy to two little girls.
197. a safe flight to Georgia
198. making it through security in Memphis with two girls, one stroller, and three bags.
199. a magnificent vist with my mom and the girls.
200. coming to Elko and seeing family. My Dad, Brother, Grandfather, Granny-Peggy all came to visit.

201. seeing one of my best friends, Kelli Sikes. We even had a sleep over and stayed up entirely too late.
202. that Sadie let me sleep in after I stayed up so late.
203. for my husband spending time with the “boys” while the “girls” were in Georgia.
204. my kids getting to spend time with and know their great granddaddy!

205. that God is still God and God is still good.
206. An Elko sunset

207. for Crosspointe choir and the dedication to record such an awesome, God honoring CD.
208. our first t-ball practice

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