Thankfulness #209-228

I am thankful for 

209. Living He loved me
210. Dying He saved me
211. Buried He carried my sins far away
212. Rising He justified
213. One day He’s coming
214. new Easter outfits
215.10 more days of school
216. growth and new life
217. Victory in Jesus
218. Jesus is alive and the tomb is empty
219. having Easter lunch with friends.

220. the flashlight Easter Egg hunt
221. seeing Sadie do a standing ta-daaah at six months old

222. capturing this sweet moment

 223. seeing Anna Kate “hide” from me. She thinks that I can’t see her.

224.  silly pictures

225. Our first strawberry harvest
226. Jake losing his second tooth. (Pic to come)

227. this smile
228. Bianca, our Compassion, child in Peru.

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