Jackson Lake 2011

Our annual vacation to Jackson Lake was loads of fun this year. The kids made many memories with their cousins. The boys learned to ski and loved tubing. Anna Kate and Rabun shared a room this year and we all wonder what three year old girls have to talk about until 11 o’clock when they should be sleeping. Sadie enjoyed chicken and corn on the cob. Sadie’s first tooth also cut through this week and took 7 steps. This was a great week.

The Whole Gang
Prior to the beginning of the official “Lake Week,” and before the arrival of the whole gang we planned to take the boys canoeing down the Ocmulgee river with Papa Wayne .  The boys had a blast. We canoed a total of 6 miles. We stopped several times to let them play in the water and eat snacks. It was fun and we can’t wait to go back next year.

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