Thankfulness #346-#360

346. The quiet weeks that sickness bring to the Perdue home.
347. We enjoy lots of TV when we have sick kids.
348. I published the first two years, 2006-2007, of my blog into a book using the blurb website.
349. Playing Yahtzee, Uno, and Skip-Bo MANY times a day with Judd.
350. Watching Jake read multiple chapter books each week.
351. Hearing the song Blessings
352. Cleaning out school room drawers.
353. Our first day of school at the Perdue Academy.
354. I have a first grader.
355. I have a pre-schooler.
356. Receiving a surprise, a new pair of shoes, in the mail.
357. Little watermelons growing on our vines.
358. Watching Sadie take steps throughout the house.
359. Popsicles. Popsicles. Popsicles.
360. I love this journey that God is allowing me to live out each day with Dr. Jim Perdue!

* hope to edit with pictures soon.

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