An Ideal Day at the Perdue Academy

I am sure that this isn’t really interesting to anyone except me. I just want to remember how in the world I ever completed school with so many little ones running around. This is an ideal day and a rough schedule. I like schedules, they make me happy! 

However, this is my prayer for this year and maybe every year. 

We pray that God would be glorified in our school year. Our prayers are that  the kids would not only grow in their education but in character as well and that  through learning, many valuable teaching moments will be utilized. Also, that we would see learning as a joy rather than a chore and that we would be wise in how we give and spend our time. Honestly, I pray  most of all…for patience, for me! This is  going to be a great school year!

An Ideal Day at the Perdue Academy

6:30-Three mile run M, W, F

7:00 Daily Bible Reading & Shower

Breakfast/dishes/maybe toss in load of laundry and/or start/empty the dishwasher

9:00: School bell rings (no, we don’t really have a bell. Maybe I should get one.

9:00 – 10:00: Group time, (Sadie Naps) we all do the following together:

                Bible: Pray, Sing songs, do Bible study, discuss, review AWANA verses

                First Language Lessons:

                Story of the World

                Classical Conversations Memory Work

10am – Workboxes– I will explain them in another blog. All I can say is AMAZING! (It typically takes us 2 hrs or so to go through our 6 boxes)

11:00- Sadie is awake.

11:30-Noon: Lunch!Followed by independent play outside or in the playroom, and a few moments for me to do dishes and straighten the kitchen.

1:30pm: Fun stuff, or finish any workboxes not completed during the morning.  I usually save crafts, art projects, science type experiments etc for this time. (We may also run errands if needed.)

2:00- Sadie Naps

3:00-Everyone has QUIET TIME. I need at least 1 hour of quiet.

4pm: Chores like laundry, we have LOTS of laundry.

5:00pm: Start Dinner…

10 Minute Tidy: This is where I set a timer and everyone runs around like maniacs cleaning up anything can they find so when Daddy comes home the house is a clean and serene oasis, and he thinks its like that all day

sorry honey, the secret is out…please don’t come home any earlier than 5:30 unannounced or my reputation will be ruined forever. Ha! HA!

5:30 pm: Kids meet Dad at the driveway to ride in his truck.

5:30ishDinner/dishes/sweep kitchen floor

7pm-7:30: Bath, family devotions & bedtime – Clean up living room, take baths.

8pm: Go to Bed. Unless there is a good Georgia sports team playing!

Free time for mom and dad….sit down, sigh…blog…laminate… and praise God we made it through another homeschool day.

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