Thankfulness #386-400

Oh give thanks to the Lord for He is good!!

Thanking Him for these autumn moments thus far…

386. Colorful leaves

387. Getting a Starbucks coffee

388. all the laundry clean as we start a new week

389. Ripe apples filling the fruit basket

390. Early morning fires to warm up beside

391. I am thankful for a big yard with lots and lots of trees

392. Listening to my boys cheer on the cardinals in the World Series and the Bulldogs to victory over Florida.

393. Sticking hand prints on the refrigerator and the smell of maple syrup kisses

394. All of the veterans that we will remember this month

395. For friends and so many encouraging texts and phone calls

396. Mema taking the boys to see Dolphin Tale

397. Spending sometime with just the girls

398. That the children are all snuggled into their beds sleeping soundly.
399. That the main living part of the house is picked up, unpacked, and mostly in order.
400. Toliet paper. I am so thankful for toilet paper. Aren’t you?

One thought on “Thankfulness #386-400

  1. I had to laugh at #400. But yes, I am thankful for toilet paper. When I served in summer missions in Poland in 2000, I had some friends tell me about growing up under communism and using newspaper. I am definitely thankful for toilet paper.

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