Thankfulness #414-#464

Why we are thankful for DADDY!

414. You are YOU!

415. You are almost always calm.

416. You read the Bible to us.
417. You are fun!
418. You always try to make it home for dinner.
419. You encourage us to be our best.
420. You make us smile.
421. You are an amazing husband.
422. You are fun to play with.
423. You keep us safe.
424. You take us out to eat.
425. You play the Wii with us.
426. You play Dead Gorilla with us.
427. You throw us high.
428. You have a loving personality.
429. You are patient.
430. You are FUN Daddy.

431. You complete Mommy.
432. You play games with us.
433. You joke around with us.
434. You are holy.
435. You are godly.
436. You love the Lord.
437. You are our hero.
438. You watch the Braves with us.
439. You watch the Bulldogs with us.
440. You play princess dress-up with us.
441. You sing songs with us.
442. You lead us in family worship.
443. You are the grill master.
444. You are the best Mario player ever.
445. You play the guitar.
446. You love books.
447. You send sweet emails to mom.
448. You like to send mom sweet texts.
449. You give good hugs.
450. You are MARVELOUS.
451. You like to build train tracks.
452. You like to play cars.
453. You like to read Fancy Nancy books.
454. You are very smart.
455. You are a great Pastor Jim.
456. You like to play outside.
457. You like to be our coach.
458. You like to throw the football and baseball.
459. You are living .
460. You are peaceful.
461. You are good.
462. You are faithful.
463. You are self-controlled.
464. You work hard for our family.

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