Thankfulness 486-500

486. hearing my kids sing Christmas carols around the house all week

487. worship on Jesus’ birthday

488. my kid’s excitement over playing with their cousins and seeing other family

489. lots of playing the Wii

490. Christmas pajamas

491. the kids loving all of their gifts

492. hearing Anna Kate say “that’s what I ALWAYS wanted” after she opened every present

493. watching the boys enjoy their new basketball goal

494. playing new games together

495. the kids singing Happy Birthday, Jesus and blowing out His candles on the cinnamon roll cake

496. celebrating the birth of my Savior with those I love…what could be better?

497. enjoying a date with my husband using a gift card

498. taking now the Christmas decorations and getting the house back in some form of normal

499, I am SO excited that Sunday is coming and we will officially be at Second Baptist Church January 1, this Sunday!!

500. I am so thankful for sweet Sadie but I do wish that she would not S.C.R.E.A.M every.single.time. we get in the car especially since we have a 25 min drive every time we want to go to “town.” (wink…that is for your Jim).

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