Thankfulness 511-521

511. Have I mentioned that I am loving this Georgia winter weather.
512. Today I am so very thankful for the health of my four children. God allowed all four of them to be born healthy and to remain healthy all these years.
513. I am thankful to enjoy time with ladies from Second on an overnight retreat.
514. I thoroughly enjoyed a time of fellowship with the pastor’s and their wives. It was fun to talk, laugh and just enjoy our time together.
515.I am thankful to have a few visitors from Tennessee this weekend. It was so fun to spend time with Shelley and Renee.

516. Thankful for 3 days of Ripped in 30. 
517. I have enjoyed reading “What Women Fear” by Angie Smith
518. I am so thankful for quiet nights at home with the family. 
519. Tonight was a fun night of flashlight hide-n-seek.
520. I am thankful that my sweet husband has agreed to take care of the kids while I play softball at the church.
521. I am so thankful that my husband shows me that he loves me every day of the year. 

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