Blogging about the Beach

This week we went with Second Baptist Youth to Cocoa Beach, Fl for Beach Retreat 2012. Jim and I were blessed to be able to speak to the high school girls and boys.  We were also able to take the kids with us. It was so much playing with them at the beach. 
Sadie absolutely loved the pool and the waves the first few days. I did have a video of her playing in the waves but she deleted it off of my phone yesterday morning. It was so adorable! Every time she would hear the waves coming she would say “ready!”

 We had an added bonus this beach retreat….cousins! Sunni and Mary Kate went on their first beach retreat this year. We all loved having them with us!

 Anna Kate, Jake and Judd loved playing in the sand for hours everyday. The boys would either build sand castles or play in the ocean on their boogie boards.


This is what Jim did for his few minutes on the beach…football!!! However, he did play in the ocean with the girls. 

On Wednesday, it was a little chilly at the pool. Of course, my two cold nature kids needed a towel to get warm. 

 Ahhh….tired babies sleep on the way home…..

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