Potty Training Sadie: Day 2 and a week later

This morning she woke up and started telling me that she had to go potty. Every time she would said “polly, polly” we would run to the potty. Several times she would go but many times it was a false alarm just to try and get a jelly bean:-)

Just before lunch I decided we would take this show on the road and go pick blueberries…

We picked blueberries for about 30 minutes and she went potty on the frog in the back of my car several times. It was a fun outing without any accidents. 
Here we are a week later.  She is still doing a great job telling us when she has to go. Yes, she still likes to trick us so that she can get a jelly bean. I spend most of my days running from which ever room I am in at the moment to the potty. It is exhausting but I am truly amazed at how quickly she is catching on to this potty training stuff. 
One thing that I don’t want to forget is how she will say yucky when she goes number 2…

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