Oh how I love summer!

I love summer! I love everything about summer except the pesky mosquitoes. I hate them. Summer goes by so fast and winter draaaaagggggssss on forever each year. It is hard to believe that school started back a few weeks ago. Egad!!! what I love about summertime is the non-schedule. I really love the summer break, the carefree days of doing nothing, having no agenda, playing, swimming, lounging, laughing.

This summer isn’t any different. It is going by so fast and the kids are getting bigger. This summer Anna Kate learned to swim and she is very proud, so are we.

We have loved and enjoyed our summer. These summer days are flying by, and while I feel like I’m enjoying them and savoring them and we’re doing lots of fun summery stuff, the time I have to blog seems to be less. I guess because I’m out there enjoying all that sunshine. We went to the beach, boys went to baseball camp, VBS (Summer SonSeekers), lots of swimming, baby waiting, baby holding, skiing, learning to wakeboard, and sleepless nights. This summer was special for several reasons. Baby Caroline was born but the Kenney’s moved to Georgia

IMG_3819 IMG_3855 IMG_4305 IMG_4375 IMG_4420 IMG_4478

Its been a great summer!

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