My Firstborn

This boy is my firstborn….


Jake is also playing his first year of tackle football. To be completely honest, Jim and I were nervous after the first few practices. The coaches were making the boys run sprints, flip tires, and a lot of other drills. We wondered if Jake would get tired of it. We knew that he enjoyed playing ball, but he doesn’t live and breathe it like Judd. He came home every night telling us how much he loved football. We were excited for him! He continues to love it each week.

DSC_0041 DSC_0068
 He typically plays defensive and offensive tackle. His second game he went up against a boy who weighed 176 pounds the whole game. We are having a great season.  I love to watch my boys play ball. I love to watch them give 100%.

DSC_0074One thing that has been changing lately is the amount of hugs and loves I am getting from this boy! I typically get at least one a day now, which is so much more than I have ever gotten!!!! I am blessed to be his mommy! He is a special boy with so many special gifts. My heart is full! I love you, handsome fella!



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