Spring Update

I’m such a bad blogger. Ever since Caroline entered our life things have not slowed down.

Our school year ended in May and we have hit the ground running with a trip the lake, beach retreat, baseball camps, VBS, swimming lessons, and so many more fun things planned for this summer. Hopefully, I will get all of it updated before winter arrives. Here are some pictures from spring time.

IMG_6913 Judd will still fall asleep anywhere and he is 7 years old. It cracks me up. He just disappears and then we find him someone knocked out.

IMG_6929 I hate pictures of myself but I’ve started seeing value in them even if I’m uncomfortable., so here’s a little selfie fun with Jake.

Anna Kate and Daddy are superman at school today. IMG_6986 IMG_6999

This is just a glimpse in of what two minutes can look like in the life of Sadie.

Mother’s Day is always a blessed day in our home. My family is awesome…beautiful and chaotic yet awesome.



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