As in AnnaKateisms. I love a glimpse inside my girl’s mind, and the things she says always make me think, make me smile or make me laugh out loud. We have been collecting this list for several years. I’m adding them now because I just don’t want to ever forget.

I hear your computation (conversation)
She doesn’t t write like a human she scribbles
Extrasice (exercise)
Can you speak it up
Can you pause that ( while reading)
I just saw a bandage truck (ambulance)
I want to do junenastics (gymnastics).
Mommy, where is my brain?
Ran all the way through a screen door-hilarious.
We are at the Theodore (theatre) to watch Despicable Me
I saw the North Pole star (North Star) yesterday.
The physical appearance of the please makes no difference. The answer is still no.

Today she got he clip pulled 2 twice. She told ms. Hopper: I don’t know why I’m crying. I can’t stop it. It starts in my heart and goes all the way up and comes out of my eyes. I just can’t stop it. Ms. Hopper told her that it was Jesus making it happen and that it was good that she felt that way…. #emotional #teenyearswillbeinteresting

Mommy, “it’s like there’s a party in my head”
Hahaha!! Ak is shooting the ball and she said I need to get the ball in home plate. Confused?

Are you hungry? AK: “My stomach tells me that I’m not, and my stomach tells me that I am.”

Ak: mom your eyes look really bad.
Me: I know babe I don’t have make up on
Ak: are you going to put make up on so your eyes don’t look so bad?
Me: yes
Ak: What will people say if you don’t put make up on your eyes?

I’m getting a pear. A pair of gloves.

AK keeps us laughing all.the.time. She just came down stairs and said “daddy the falcons are playing my favorite sea creature (the dolphins).”

Daddy, when I’m older can we invite a lot of men over here and who ever works the hardest, loves Jesus the most and prays the best we will pick to be my husband.

Life is always fun with this little lady in our house.


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