Today, our first born turns 10.  He is the one who made us parents. We are entering the double digits now, and I’m not sure I’m prepared. I always get a little weepy at the passing of time, even though I really wouldn’t want to go back to two or five or eight year old Jake because I enjoy watching him become a man. It’s change. He’s no longer a little boy. although, he can still act like one!

In honor of turning 10,  I wanted list 10 things I love about you Jake:

  1. You are a a loyal friend, who loves Jesus and knows your Bible.
  2. I love how you tell jokes that only you understand and be totally amused by your own silliness. However, I find that the older you get more often we laugh at the same jokes now.
  3. I love your wonderfully cute smile.
  4. I love our talks about real life stuff. I know they are just beginning but I pray that you will always come to me or your daddy with questions.
  5. I love your brilliant mind…you are super smart,
  6. I love how you enjoy working with your hands. You asked for a wedge and mallet for your birthday. Seriously, that’s what you wanted. And that’s what you got.
  7. I love how you STILL don’t like girls. Momma is the only lady for you.
  8. I love how you enjoy reading. Just remember to live in the real world.
  9. I love how you and your brother are best friends. The two of you absolutely love spending time together.
  10. I love how you appreciate the little things in life. You are grateful and loving.

Thank you for your help with Caroline. Don’t ever forget that I will love you no matter what. We are all flawed and we all make mistakes. We love you unconditionally, however, God loves you even more than we do. Don’t ever forget that forgiveness and restoration are beautiful things.

Things I don’t want to forget: your love for bacon

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