This baby….

Today is Wednesday! It’s seems that every.single.Wednesday lately she has decided to turn my world upside down while I try to school the other children.  

First, it was this


She dumped TWO full bags of cereal on the kitchen floor while I was helping the boys. The funniest part was all the other kids kept walking by and grabbing a snsck… Like it’s normal for us to have piles of cereal on the floor in the middle of the morning. 

Next, we started potty training so on Wedenesday of our first week she decided to poop on the stairs because stairs look Sorry, I don’t have a picture of that event.

Today, this happened 


I was helping AK with math and some how Caroline found my beads. She dumped out thousands of them. When I moved her, I found MANY more. She was picking up as many as she could get in her fists and throwing them. She said “fun”

All I wanted to do is help AK with math:) guess we should work on counting beads today?!?!

What will happen next week? Midweek shenanigans!

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