My Baby Boy is NINE!

Dear Judd,

Happy Birthday Precious Boy! It is hard to believe you are turning none years old today!

I thank God for you and I will be forever grateful that God chose me to be your mom. My second boy. My baby boy. What a blessing! You are all boy! Active, dirty, smelly, but so loving and king-hearted. You still think girls are gross. At nine years old, your love for sports is really developing. I love watching you play football, basketball and baseball. It seems that you love all sports.

It melts my heart when you hold the door open for me or offer t help me when I am in the middle of something. Some young woman will be lucky to have you someday (but until then you are all mine)!

Judd, I am so proud of the young man you are becoming. I am excited to see what the future homes for you. I pray that you always stay true to yourself, are willing to catch your dreams (even when it requires a lot of hard work), always act like a gentleman, keep your sense of humor and never forget how much you are loved. God has a special plan for you. Stay close to Him and have a clean heart. Pursue HIs plans and ways. You are truly a special, unique and amazing person. We are praying for you always!

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