Happy Birthday to Me!

I love Birthdays! I think that everyday in March should be my birthday. Actually, my birthday was Sunday, March 19. I woke up to a sweet card from the two wonderful men in my life, Jim and Jake. Jake even signed his name; yes I know he is an advanced one year old. Our day was pretty busy. We went to church, out to lunch with some friends, and then a baby dedication. After the baby dedication Jim took me out to eat. It was a good day! BUT when I woke up Monday I found a surprise birthday card from Jim. He decided to celebrate my birthday on Monday also. He took me to the Mall of Georgia to walk around and let Jake play. This may not sound fun to you but I love to just go to the mall and walk around.

To sum up my birthday in one word it would be GREAT!
I am blessed to be able to share a life with such an awesome husband and serve an awesome God.

p.s. I am 27.

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