10 year Reunion

I really enjoyed my 10 year reunion. It was nice to see everyone after so long. Our reunion was really good and classy. The committee did a greta job planning a preparing for the weekend.

Friday night we met at HOCO and had a tour of the school. It was so much bigger now. Several things had changed. I think I was most sad to see that the carpet was gone and that the round tables were missing in the lunchroom. Next, we went to Cheddar’s for a time to hang out and get reaquainted.

Saturday there was a family picnic at Ted Wright park. It was hot, but it was fun to see everyone’s family.
Saturday night was great. We had a semi-formal event at Houston Lake Country Club. I really enjoyed hanging out. I even made my way to the dance floor a couple of times. I think that Jim enjoyed laughing at me. I couldn’t get him to join me, but it was still so much fun. To top off the evening, everyone voted on superlatives..i.e. most changed, least changed, prettiest female, handsome male…etc. I won Most Changed in 10 years. How funny! Jim and I would like to think that the change was Jesus in me, but I know that my physical appearance is very different also. My hair is about 20 inches shorter and I weigh about 40lbs less.

Jim and I had fun and I look forward to 2017!

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  1. Sounds like yours went very well. I didn’t even go to mine. It just wasn’t worth the money. I hope the next one will work out, though. Does it make you feel old to have a 10 year reunion? It does me.

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