New Beginnings…

As of July 8, Jim became the new pastor of Crosspointe Baptist Church in Millington, TN. We are quickly preparing to move Aug. 7. Our first Sunday is August 12.

God has so graciously found us a house and we are praying that our house in Ga will sell very quickly.

This process has been diffcult and exciting. Jim and I have said repeatedly that this has been a very clear decision, but one of the hardest that we have ever had to make. It is hard to leave our family, home state, North Cross, and our friends. I know that God has a plan for us, but it isn’t always easy being obiedent.

The following verses have been great reminders for us through this process:
Isaiah 43:18-19, Isaiah 45:3, Isaiah 55:8, and Jer 29:11-13.

I know that God is faithful and He will be our Comforter, Sustainer, and Rock through this time.

My prayer for the boys:

Jake and Judd
-transition into the new house and church
-that they would have godly playmates and influences
-remain heathly
-that they would not be anxious
-that they would love Jesus more as a result of us moving to TN
-that they would be a bold witness for the Lord

-wisdom and discernment
-guidance with decisions that must be made
-God would us Jim to grow His kingdom as a result of us being in TN

This is a new season….this is the time God has chosen! I pray that we will honor Him with our lives.

The Perdues will miss Georgia!

3 thoughts on “New Beginnings…

  1. Glad to see you posting again Stephanie.

    We’re sure going to miss getting to see y’all so often, but I’m so glad that y’all have made the decision that God called you to.

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