More Snow Pictures

This morning we got up and went outside to play in the snow. Jake was so excited to go outside and run through the yard. Judd still didn’t find must interest in the snow. He just wanted us to hold him the whole time. We tried to build a snowman, but it didn’t work. I guess building snowmen are not skills that are developed when you live in the south your whole life.

Jake was so excited that they were all wearing Carhart Overalls.

Can’t you tell just how excited Judd was to be standing in the snow? He was watching Jim make the snowman. 

Edit: we took both boys to the Dr. after lunch and found out that Judd has double ear infections and Jake has another infection in his right ear. This could explain why they didn’t enjoy the snow as much as we had hoped.

2 thoughts on “More Snow Pictures

  1. Poor babies, hopefully the medicine will work this time! Love all the snow pictures. It was snowing today, but Aidan was hoping it was going to stick like it did before. Not much luck with that, but they did hang out at the window for about 1/2 hour. FYI for my pregnant buddy..we finally settled on a name!

  2. What fun snow pictures! We got about 12 inches this past weekend. I used to get so excited about snow when I lived in GA, now it is a hassle because we have to drive in it! They do a good job cleaning the roads here though.

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