16 thoughts on “Meet Anna Kate

  1. CONGRATULATIONS PERDUE FAMILY!!!!!! Welcome Anna Kate! (great name! love it!) The pictures of her and boy are great! They love her already!! Congratulations!!!

  2. She is beautiful guys… i can’t wait to get my hands on that precious girl. She and Samuel are going to be best buds… Lara (michael, jack, elizabeth and samuel)

  3. Congratulations! We are so thrilled for you and we can’t wait to meet her! We love her name, Anna Kate! I hope we can visit in the fall . . . I want to hold that cutie pie! We love your sweet family and miss you so much too!

  4. Congratulations!!! She is beautiful. I am so happy for you. I can’t believe you did it natural. Who would have ever thought? Wow! You go girl. Wish I could be there. Love Ya!

  5. Congratulations you guys. She is beautiful. I just hope she is not as picky about socks and sandals as her mom. We love you guys and miss you!
    The Grays

  6. What a blessed family! Jake and Judd are going to be very protective of their little sister! Congrats to you all! Ms. Connie

  7. Woohoo! She’s here!!! I can’t believe I missed your phone call… I wondered if baby “Trey” was on her way, and she was already making her presence known! What a sweet little face she has–I think she looks more like Judd than Jake? Sam was excited that she came on his 3 month birthday. I love her name! Anna Kate, you’re a precious gift!

  8. She’s so beautiful!!! Congrats, congrats. Angie filled me in on the labor details….UGH! I feel soooo bad for you. I have never felt labor pains past 7 cm and those were HORRIBLE! I’m so glad you are all doing great, though, and you look beautiful too, Steph. I hope I can meet her some day soon!
    love you guys!!!!
    Kate, Travis, Syd and Addyson
    ps-love her name..especiall the “Kate” part. 🙂

  9. Stephanie-
    Congrats to you and Jim. She is beautiful! I think it is great to have a little girl in the midst of the precious rough and tumble boys.
    God bless you and your EXPANDING family.
    Dana Sutton and crew

  10. beautiful baby…this may seem weird, but I have a brand new baby hat with “Anna Kate” embroidered on it if you want it (free). I ordered it because my wife and I are expecting (we were SURE it was a girl) and just found out we are having another boy. Anyway, I typed “baby named anna kate” in Google and found you. Let me know if you want it…gilyoumans@hotmail.com

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