Best Friends

Anna Kate is 3 days old and she is doing great. We went to the doctor this morning and she is very healthy and almost back to her birth weight.

These are a few pictures that we took yesterday with the boys. Anna Kate lost interest very quickly.

“Best Friends” explanation: One of the prayers that we have for our children is the kids would have a genuine love for and bond with siblings, so recently we started teaching Jake that Judd was his best friend. Jake has really caught on to the concept and he now says that he has two best friends, Judd and Anna Kate. Enjoy the pictures of the “best friends.”

The last picture is one I took of Anna Kate before nap time. I will update more very soon.

4 thoughts on “Best Friends

  1. Absolutely adorable! There is no doubt that Aidan and Brenna are best friends…of course they fight, but they have been so cute this week playing outside together. Adding a 3rd..well we will see!

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