An Awesome Prayer

Sunday at church Anna Kate received a precious gift. It was a Raggedy Ann doll. I haven’t seen one of those in years. It is hard to believe I have a girl and she has a doll.

When I opened the card there was a heart-shaped piece of paper inside with a note to Anna Kate. This is what it said:

Anna Katherine,
Sweet Baby girl…
I pray that from the beginning you will have a heart that is tender toward God; a heart that beats to please Him. That early on your hands won’t hesitate to lift toward heaven in praise and worship of God. And as you grow up, that they will be used to reach out and comfort those who are hurting and help those in need. May the first step you take be one of many on the path that God has planned and laid out before you. And ultimately, may your countenance reflect a young lady who has come to know and love her Savior, Jesus Christ LORD. God bless and keep you.

Jim and I both had tears in our eyes. What a blessing to know that people love and care about our children enough to pray this kind of pray for them. We are humbled.

God is Here!!!

3 thoughts on “An Awesome Prayer

  1. Isn’t it truely amazing to raise your children around other believers? I can’t wait to see Tate as he grows and is raised understanding why we truely do things and live the way we do. I know you are excited for yours too to grow up seeing God in the face of their parents.

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