I wanted to give you some information that I have been looking at the past few days. You may already know all of this but if not I just wanted to inform you.

I read this website the other day and on May 29 they were discussing BPA free bottles. Apparently, the concern with BPA (bisphenol-A) in the plastics used in many bottles and sippy cups. I returned my bottles at Babies R Us this morning and bought Dr. Browns 3 Pack Polypropylene Bottles – 8 Oz. They return them without any questions asked. Be sure to call before going. They are selling them as fast as they get them in.

I have used Dr. Brown’s bottles for both of the boys and I love them. Dr. Brown’s supposedly has the highest levels of BPA leaching when heated. I don’t heat them when I use formula, but with breast milk you have to heat them and that is when the leaching supposedly takes place. “According to Babies R Us website – they are transitioning to BPA only products by the end of 2008! You can do a quick google search to learn more about the dangers of BPA. For a list of bottles that do NOT contain BPA, check this out. Most mainstream bottles (Avent and Dr. Browns) DO contain BPA.”

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  1. I had heard about people starting to use glass bottles, is this the same issue. I didn’t see anything to click on when you said ‘click here’ about seeing if my bottles are on the “list”.
    So glad to have your blog address now – love keeping up with the Perdue family!!
    Ashley Jansen

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