Friday Favorites

1. Spending a week in Georgia and visiting family
2. Hearing Jake use words in funny ways (i.e. Mommy, you regot (forgot) to get me a Band-aid.
Daddy, will you speaked it up I can’t hear. Judd steer (turn) the top of the bottle this way.)
3. Seeing Anna Kate smile every time she hears my voice.
4. Jake playing with all of his cousins at the lake this week.
5. Judd’s face every time his sees our new cat.
6. Sleep (I haven’t had much lately, but it is still one of my favorite things.)
7. Reading the Bible and a verse just jumps off of the page speaking to me.
8. Having conversations with my mom about the Bible and what God is teaching her. (By the way, she was saved May 18. That is another blog entry for another time.)
9. Sharing in a friends delight when she finds out she is pregnant for the third time. You know who you are. wink! wink!
10. When our children go to bed without making a fuss. ahhhhh! quiet!

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