Are you a Lurker???

Calling All Lurkers!!!

I was reading someone’s blog the other day and came across this idea. I enjoy lurking! I like to visit sites that are linked to my friends blogs, but then of course I sometimes click on links that are linked on there and so on. It can be a never ending maze.

I’m just wondering if anyone out there that has never posted on my blog (that I may or may not know personally), but frequents my blog to catch up on my life would be willing to post a comment below. I would love for you to make yourself known 🙂

I’m interested to see who you are!!!

Let’s see if we can beat my highest number of comments. We must get 17 in order to beat the 16 comments I received when Anna Kate was born.

24 thoughts on “Are you a Lurker???

  1. I don’t know if I would qualify as a “lurker” since I’m married to you. I’m not just lurking, I’m here to stay. But, I do read your blog fairly often. Love you!

  2. Hey there,

    Im Amanda and have talked to you briefly in Sunday School but thats about it. I came across jims blogs and enjoyed them very much and decided to check yours out. You guys have a wonderful family and it is such an encouragement to read your blogs! Good luck on beating your old post.
    Lurker 🙂 Amanda

  3. This is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve read your blog. I found it thru Hollie’s and I rarely even comment on my friend’s blogs. But since you asked, I decided I needed to comment.

    You have a beautiful family! What a blessing God has been to you, may He continue to bless ya’ll.

    Ok, now that I’ve commented, I’ll probably be back about once a week, to check in on the family. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for this week. Take care. Kim

  4. Steph…. I check your blog weekly! I would probably qualify more as a “stalker” than a “lurker”. If my boss knew how many blogs that I read during a work week there is a good chance that I would get reprimanded. Anyhow… I love see what you Perdues are up to! – Lauren (Cook) Harrell

  5. Yes, I have blog one other time and both your’s and Bro. Jim’s I read almost everytime I am on the computer to learn more about your family since we are a big church and it is so hard for ya’ll to get around to everyone.
    God bless and thank you for being our wonder pastor and family.
    Love in Christ.

    Kathy & Larry Fisher

  6. Hello! My office loves your blog, we found it on our travels through cyberspace & we’re all the way in Sydney, Australia!

  7. Hi Stephanie!
    Yes, I admit that I’m a “lurker”! Once or twice a week I read blogs and yours is one of them. I also read Pastor Jim’s and I find that it is a great way to learn more about my pastor and his family. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with all of us who read them. I don’t even have a blog myself, because I spend so much time reading others – ha!

    My family loves our church, our pastor and his family. Thanks for all that you do.


    Stacey Davis

  8. Stephanie- I admit i have lurked at your blog through Hollie’s. And I found Hollie through Pete’s Blog via the VL site. Does that make me a super-lurker? 🙂

  9. I am a lurker! I went to school with Amber (so you too!) but was a year younger with Pat Gillen. Amber and I bumped into one another at our 2 month dr. appointment for little ones born just days apart. Not sure if I found your blog from her or Pat.

    I LOVE your list of things you prayed for in a spouse. Can I frame it for my daughter?!?!?! I would like her to commit it to memory by age 2!

  10. yes i’m a lurker! there i admit it. Man do i feel better. lol!

    i do so enjoy reading yours and pastor jim’s blogs, along with several others.

    well on to more lurking now.

    Nae-Nae (Renee Stephens)

  11. Hey Stephanie,

    We look all the time to catch up on you guys. Alex and Avery love to see pictures of the kids (so do me and Georges!) I keep saying I’m going to start one, but I just never take the time. Maybe I’ll get inspired while as I keep reading yours.

    Hugs and Kisses to Jim and the kids.

    Leslie, Georges, Alex, Avery and Baby Palmer

  12. Hey, I read your blog when I’m at home and can remember to do so. Of course, soon I will have a good excuse for being forgetful. Mom

  13. Stephanie, I don’t lurk. Your blog is the only one I read and I do so weekly, or at least when I get time! LOL

  14. Hey Mrs. Perdue,
    I am lurker too! I am actually a student you had when you taught at North Forsyth High School in 2004. I was 1 of 2 seniors in your class. I was “lurking” through different people that lived in Georgia. And Mr. Perdue’s came up so then I saw you page to. I came back to occasionally check out what’s happening. Especially when I blog on my page.

    I don’t know if you remember but, when I was your student you made up do Career Portfolio. I wanted to be a nurse, well it’s 4 years later. And I have been nursing for 1 1/2 yrs at apparently the same hospital that your two boys were born. Pretty neat, huh?

    Mary Bennett

  15. Stephanie, I read your Blog because your Mom asked me if I had read what you wrote about Judd. I loved it, and every one you have posted since, but I never make a comments because I would be much to mushy…
    I think you are a terrific Lady, and I am so grateful that your family is part of my family.
    Ninette McBride

  16. I have read your blog and pastor Jim’s after Renee told me you had one. I try to get on at least once a week to catch up. I enjoy reading about your family.

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