5 month update

My baby girl is growing too fast. I cannot believe Anna Kate is already 5 months, almost six months, old. She is such a blessing to our family. She seems to be growing and doing everything so much faster than to boys. As of 5 months, she eats cereal, she rolls over both ways, holds a bottle on the occasion that I give her one, graciously gives smiles and kisses, she has starting rocking on her knees acting as if she wants to starting crawling, sleeps until 7 on occasion, and my least favorite, her first tooth broke through last weekend. Yes, teeth. I can’t believe I only had five months of the beautiful toothless grin that melts my heart. As I type, she is very fussing because the second tooth is trying to break through. 🙁

I am scared to blink because she will be walking, talking, and blowing out her first candle.

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