all is fair in love and football

When God moved us to Tennessee He allowed us to live in this great house and He even decided to bless us with wonderful neighbors. We love their whole family but they just happen to be Alabama fans.

All day Friday all of our kids played together and as we left to go home we discussed and imaginary line that wold be drawn between our yards Saturday morning. Neither one of us, wanted to go into enemy territory 🙂 My last words before walking in the house Friday night were, “I should paint a white line down the middle.” Well the is what we woke up to on Saturday morning….
The black line was added by Jim later in the day. (just in case you are wondering, they painted in their yard not ours)

Just to through salt on the wounds, we came home from church on Sunday to find a Alabama flag on our rocking chair.

Did I really start this off by saying we love our neighbors??? 🙂 Yeah, we do! We enjoy good old fun!

2 thoughts on “all is fair in love and football

  1. Hilarious! Our best friends that lived a few houses down when we first moved to ATL are Florida Fans and our first “date” with them was watching the GA/FLA game. Scary right? We won that year so that helped a little, Bri’s sake. Such fun though when you can tease and not get worked up. 🙂

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