Family, Fun, and the Fair

We arrived home Thursday night at 12:00 central time. It was a good drive home. We have found that driving while the kids sleep is the easiest way to travel.

We had a busy trip to Georgia. Friday night we celebrated my mom’s 50th birthday. I planned a surprise party for her and we spent several hours hanging out with her friends and family. Her actual birthday is tomorrow, October 18.

On Saturday we met Jim’s family at the Perry Fair. There were 19 of us herding around the fair grounds. It was so fun. For those of you that don’t know me I LOVE THE FAIR!!! I didn’t get to eat everything on my list, but I did get a Granny’s Apple Dumpling. YUMMY to my TUMMY!

On Sunday, Jim started a revival at Heritage Baptist Church in Douglasville. The boys stayed with my mom Sunday and Monday. I went back to Warner Robins to go to Dr. Alex Bell. This is a totally different blog entry. I then brought them back to Atlanta for the rest of the week.

We stayed with Jim’s parents and commuted to Douglasville every night. Sunday through Wednesday was very long and exhausting.

It is nice to be home. We enjoyed seeing family, but it is nice to be home. We can’t wait to be at Crosspointe on Sunday.

Here are a few pictures from our week in Georgia.

Of course, Mema was on the phone….

Fun at the Fair
This is a picture of seven of the cousins.
Hot mama and Dan the Man….
The boys LOVED this slide. Judd would just cackle all the way down.

Rabun was very interested in the fair. I am sure that it bored her since she was there everyday:-)
Isn’t she adorable?
This is the buddy system at work. Thank you girls for all of your help.

3 thoughts on “Family, Fun, and the Fair

  1. Oh, Steph, I’m so jealous that you got to go to the fair! I love the fair too, but missed out on it this year… It looks like you guys had a blast–the pictures of the boys going down the slide were great! Kids are wonderful excuses to do child-like things all over again! (To answer your question, we will not be in GA for Christmas.) 🙁 Miss you!

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