Tennis Ball

I just loved all of the comments concerning the tennis ball. However, it doesn’t look like we have a real answer. I do believe a new tennis ball is optic yellow and I am starting agree that it may look green once it has been used for a while.

Just like Jim commented, the madness ensues… I wonder who will win the kiddos over to their side. I guess I need to start singing tennis balls are yellow to them every night.:-)

One thought on “Tennis Ball

  1. I loved reading everyone’s responses to the tennis ball question. I looked on wikipedia and found that the tennis ball is indeed yellow in color like you said and after being used it turns green. But I do agree, it’s yellow!

    We are having a similar debate at my house. We bought new couches last year and certain members of my family, myself included, think the couches are green while the other members think it’s brown. The final verdict has not been reached, but it is interesting to see how we see colors and how it differs with different people!

    I hope all the Perdues are doing great! We sure do miss you all! Tell Jake the Bieber’s said HI!

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