Christmas Day 2008

We had a wonderful Christmas. We have been blessed with way more “gifts” than we deserve. This year we decided to stay in Tennessee until Christmas Day. We started our new tradition of getting a new pair of pajamas on Christmas Eve and waking up with them on Christmas morning.

Christmas morning Jake woke up at 7:05 and was ready to lay on the couch. Jim had to explain to him that it was Christmas morning. BUT he only had to say it once before he was ready to tear into his presents. We had to tell him to wait until we got Judd and Anna Kate out of the bed. At 7:25 the present opening commenced.

Jake was so happy to get a new bike and Judd loves his Shake N Go Racetrack. Anna Kate just loved opening the presents so that she could eat the paper.

Once all of the presents were open, we had a cupcake for breakfast to celebrate Jesus’ Birthday. Jim and I then began taking down all of our Christmas decorations. I know that I sound like a scrooge, but I knew that we were leaving for a week. The last thing I wanted after returning home from a week in Georgia was to take down all of my Christmas decorations. After cleaning, packing and napping we finally left home at 4:45.

We arrived at my mom’s at 1:00 in the morning. It was a LONG drive down. We were all tired. The kids did a great job, but we were tired and since we were traveling on Christmas day there wasn’t very many places open to eat or get gas. When we arrived at Mema’s we were tired and hungry, but so thankful to be in Georgia!

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