Christmas Weekend 2008

We got up and went to my Grandmother Etheredge’s house to celebrate Christmas with my dad’s family. We enjoyed seeing all of them. I don’t get to see them very often so I enjoyed catching up and having a great time together.

Saturday Morning
This was Christmas at Papa and Mema’s House. We spent the morning cooking and getting ready for lunch. Everyone arrived around lunch. Our crowd was a smaller this year since Georges, Leslie, Alex, Avery and Palmer couldn’t come. They were taking care of there sweet little boy Palmer who was recovering from RSV. Once again we had way too much food. I do believe that I am leaving Georgia a little bigger than I came and with entirely to many gifts.

Sunday Morning
On Sunday, Jim was given the opportunity to preach at Cross Point Church in Perry, Georgia. It was a pleasure to go to church with my mom, Benny, G-daddy, Peggy, Tripp, Dan and Jessica.

As soon as the service was over we left to go to celebrate Christmas with the Perdue Family. It was so good to see all of Jim’s family and all of the cousins. Boy, ten kids are a house full. It is music to everyone’s ears. I must say that one of the highlights of my Christmas was seeing the Watkins Family.

The Watkins are a dear family that have been friends with Jim’s parents for years upon years. Jim and I were given the opportunity to connect with them when we lived in North Carolina. I do miss you all. Thanks for making the trip and staying long enough to see us all.

Jake finally got one of the gifts that was list here. Nana and Big Buddy gave us a Wii Fit. Our trip home has been full of travel, seeing family and friends.

We close out 2008 in Georgia. This has been a blessed year!

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