Reflections of 2008…Twitter Style

  1. Our year started with sick kids and ear infections.
  2. I also had a sick husband with too many sinus infections.
  3. Did I mention ear infections and sick kids? Many prayers for my babies and my husband
  4. Jake turned three and moved to a big boy bed in February.
  5. I turned 29 in March.
  6. Anna Kate was born in April.
  7. My granddad had surgery in May and is still cancer free.
  8. Anna Kate was dedicated at church in May.
  9. My mom was saved in May and baptized in November.
  10. We started swimming and living in the pool in June.
  11. Vacation at Jackson Lake with the Perdue Family.
  12. Jake and Judd received tubes in August.
  13. A quick visit to Georgia while Jim went to Mexico in September.
  14. We had the joy of coming back to Georgia in October for the Georgia State Fair in Perry. All of the Perdue family met at the fair and enjoyed a fun filled day at the fair.
  15. Judd is potty trained in November. Jim turns 31.
  16. Judd turned two in December.

This has been a great year. Even with all of the ups and downs God has been so great and blessed us in so many ways. I look forward to 2009. I will be 30!!!!! Am I really going to be that young?

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