My Life-This is my season!

In the past three days, I (or Jim and I) have been at the doctor with all three kids.

Sunday- Anna Kate has pneumonia and double ear infections. She was given a shot of Rocephin and 10 days of Augmentin.
Monday-Jake severe ear infection and they can’t tell if his tube is still in there.(too much wax) We are praying that it is and is still working properly. If it is still in, right now it is clogged and the ear drops should clear it out so we can have a better look in a few weeks. He also has to take 10 days of Augmentin.
Judd has a sinus infection and pneumonia. He was given two shots of Rocephin and 10 days of Augmentin.

I am praying that the Lord will heal them and that we stay some what healthy the rest of this season. I really don’t mind colds and runny noses. I know they are little and they will be sick, but I REALLY don’t like putting them on antibiotics all the time.

Here is a picture of my counter. And yes, this is my picture for the day!

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