This morning I sent the boys to the playroom to play so that I could take a quick shower. I told them to be sweet and not to argue while they were upstairs. Showering hasn’t been the highest on my priority list the last few days.(Yes, I know that you moms have those days when go to bed in the same pj’s you woke up in.) Anyway, the boys were playing so nicely together. I didn’t hear any fighting and I was just thinking ahhhhh how sweet. BUT, just as soon as those sweet thoughts entered my mind the more realistic ones did also….quiet+boys=mischief

At that moment I heard Jake say, I will get more as he is running down the stairs. I called out “Jake, come here.” “Yes, mam.” He came running into my room.

And to my surprise my child was covered from head to toe, and I could smell the sweet aroma of baby powder wafting down the stairs.

“Mommy, look I have baby powder all over me. I put it in my hair and we DUSTED Judd’s room.” Mommy, we made DUST.”

I just grabbed my camera and started laughing. What else could I do? After being inside for 5 days, we just needed to laugh! By the way,this is where I found my joy today!

Here is a picture of my dust bunnies. This picture doesn’t capture the amount of baby powder Jake really put in his hair. They used three trial size bottles to DUST themselves, Judd’s room, and parts of the playroom.

This one is a little better.

Let me know if you would like for my boys to come DUST your house. It is a FREE service. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Dusting

  1. I “dusted” my parents house as well when I was about Jake’s age. My friends from down the street helped me. My mom still laughs at the pictures!

  2. Stephanie: Your blog has taken me down memory lane…as the mother of two boys. I remember a dusting episode at my house “back in the day.”

    Your family is so beautiful and so are YOU!

    Much to you, you are precious!
    Mrs. Jan
    Isaiah 58:11

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