Judd and Breathing Treatments

This maybe a repeat for those of you that are reading my 365 project.

This morning Jake woke up telling us that his left ear hurt. Anna Kate has been miserable since Tuesday. Judd seemed to have an sinus infection, but was acting fine. Jim and I were going out of town on Sunday so we decided to take all three to the doctor before Nana arrived. Three hours later, we walk out with this diagnosis:

  • Jake is great. He needs Flonase for allergies.
  • Anna Kate has a virus. They did x-rays and blood work but she was good and her ears look great.
  • Judd, you remember he was the one that we didn’t think was sick. Well, he had two breathing treatments because he was wheezing so badly and he had a horrible sinus infection.

I came home with three prescriptions for him and a breathing machine so that we could do three breathing treatments a day for three days. He did great in the doctors office and at home. He is such a big boy. I must admit the Albuterol makes him wild. He is HILARIOUS to talk to and watch once that stuff gets in his system.

He would say “What that fang(thing) for?” He would scream and say blahhhhhhhhhh!

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