The Girl Turns 1!

The day I found out you were a girl, I cried. I was overwhelmed with so many fears when I found out you were a GIRL. I was excited but it was hard for me imagine being a mom to a little girl. My only experience was with boys and all of the rambunctious play, wild wrestling, rock throwing and dirt eating. This was my life and I couldn’t imagine a prissy, don’t get my hands dirty delicate little girl entering this wild life of boys.

Your daddy prayed from the first moment that you would be a sweet calm baby. I must admit from the beginning you have been sweet. You are in every way attached to mommy. You are an extension of my right hip. I have learned in the past year to do almost everything with one hand. Daddy says you are spoiled and I say you are loved. I just cherish this time because I know that it will not last long. I realize that it will pass quickly.

I must say that you are a rough and tumble little girl. Your brothers do not treat you any different just because you are a girl, which will have its benefits as you grow to be a young lady. I must say you can hold your own when dealing with your brothers. You are quick to let them know if they have done something you don’t like or if they have taken your toy.

In the past week, you have decided that screaming is your best form of communication. It is an ear-piecing squeal that makes everyone cringe. Also, now that I have turned your around to face forward in the car you are screaming because you can see me. I don’t understand it and I hope that this is a very SHORT phase.

Your brother’s love you and just recently Judd started call you “my baby.” It is really cute. Jake loves to make you laugh especially in the car.

You have started taking steps and with those steps we pray that they are the first of many that will be on the path that God had planned and laid out before you.

You are signing more, please and milk. However, you would much rather scream for something and then when we ask you to sign “more” you grin really big. I think that you believe your big smile will get you more of whatever you want at the moment.

You are a good sleeper and a GREAT eater. You love food, just like your mommy.

This year has been wonderful. You have brought dresses, bows, cute socks, baby dolls and more joy than we could have imagined. You are the Princess in the Pea, Sunshine, Babygirl and our little lady. We look forward to this next year; all that you will learn, the many ways you will grow and we are thankful that God chose us to be your mommy and daddy.

We love you Anna Katherine!
*** I will be posting pictures soon***

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