Anna Kate’s B-Day Party

Anna Kate’s 1st Birthday party was very small. We celebrated at home and my dad was able to come visit for the weekend. Since Thursday was her birthday we celebrated that evening with presents, dinner and cake. We decided to let Anna Kate open presents first so that she wasn’t filthy after dinner and cake. She loved all of her presents, but I do believe that the cake was her favorite part of the evening. I wanted her first birthday party theme to be ladybugs. Ms. Arlene Mooney at Sweet Sensations made these adorable ladybugs for the guest and Anna Kate was given her own little cake. It was all so fun.

This is the only time she fussed. I think she wanted more cake:-)

4 thoughts on “Anna Kate’s B-Day Party

  1. I LOVE the ladybugs! What a cute theme. It does look like the cake was her favorite part! I hope I get to meet her and the boys sometime soon. Maybe you and the kids should come along to KY when Jim comes for the convention 🙂

  2. How precious, I wish that we could have been there. But, I’m so thankful that Papa Wayne got to spend this day and more with your family in Tennessee. Love, Mom

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