Since it is finally getting warm and the kids beg Jim to go swimming with them. I also think this is due to the fact that the water is not nearly warm enough for me to get in the pool so mommy will not get in with them. I prefer it to be 80 degrees in the water before I get wet.

On this particular day, we cut grass and then they all got in the pool. Did you notice that my man is cutting grass holding a babygirl? He didn’t do it the whole time but she would have gladly let him.

Babygirl gets Daddy’s attention first!
Now it is time for the real fun to begin!

We really enjoy our pool!

6 thoughts on “Daddytime

  1. Goodness…Jim is “Superman”, Jake is “Wonderboy” and Anna Kate is “The Little Mermaid”. Where’s Judd? Love, Mema

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