Anna Kate Potty Training

She turned 19 months old today so we started potty training. Of course, I am using the 7 days and $75 method once again.

“The general idea is parents stay at home with the child for several days and allow the child to walk around the house naked all day long. The potty is put out so it is constantly available to the child. Parents regularly remind the child to use the potty when necessary. Rosemond argues that children won’t tolerate urine and feces running down their legs, and will quickly learn to go to the potty to avoid accidents. The $75 is for carpet cleaning.”

She woke up this morning with a dirty diaper and we let her run free with her pajamas on. Her first trip to the potty she didn’t go but she enjoyed sitting on the potty and reading books. I set the timer on the microwave for 20 minutes. When it beeped we ran to the bathroom. She sat and was not happy about staying on the potty again. Set the timer again…she went in her pants….timer beeped. Set timer….she wet all over the floor! She wet four time before her 2:00 nap time. However, she woke up dry from her nap. As soon as she woke up, I sat her on the potty and she tinkled. BUT she screamed the whole time. She wanted NO part of going on the potty. She then held her tinkle for 2 hours and THEN after much persuasion and a marshmallow she WENT!

This has been a very interesting day. I thought potty training girls was supposed to be easier. Yet, this has been so bizarre that she does not even want to go tinkle in the potty.

Lights are out and I am going to bed. I have to wake up and do this all over again.

2 thoughts on “Anna Kate Potty Training

  1. Good for you for sticking it out for the first day. Yeah, my niece did not want to go on the potty either and ended up getting muliple bladder infections. Watch out for that! I guess having potty trained a boy and a girl, Carsyn is going to be a toss up to how she is going to behave. Let me know how it goes!

  2. My daughter was harder than my son to potty train. So much so, when it was time to potty train him – I was dreading it – because I heard boys were harder than girls – and I thought, “How much harder can it get?!”

    Thank you for all you do. You are appreciated.

    From A member of Crosspointe (leaving my name off because my kids would be mortified to know I talked about their potty training days – they are 11 and 16!)

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