Anna Kate Potty Training Day 2 and 3

Tuesday she woke up this morning with a wet diaper. I took her straight to the potty so that she could tinkle. No such luck…well here we go again.

1 full cup of milk+1 full cup of juice+fours hours of waiting+many trips to the potty=a crying baby tinkling on the potty.

When she woke up from her nap she went tinkle and number 2 without any problems. Way to Go Anna Kate.

I had some gals come over to help me decorate my dining room and within 15 minutes of them being here I have poop ALL over my playroom floor and she wet her pants. Dumb me to think I could get something done during the potty training boot camp.Friends over two mistakes in 15 minutes….

Wednesday was the hardest day. She would scream and holler the when I put her on the potty and she had to actually GO. Right before lunch she sat on the potty and screamed for at least 10 minutes and finally her body won and she had to eliminate the waste. It was not an enjoyable time for anyone in this house.

She also decided that she wasn’t going to take a nap today. She was miserable. I finally went and got her out of her bed and she was so sad. She started telling me that her ear was hurting. Long story short, I took the boys to a friends house and took Anna Kate to the doctor. The poor baby has a severe ear infection. I think maybe that is why she has been an ill pill this week. Hopefully, with some Motrin and Augmentin we will be doing better tomorrow.

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