Carving Pumpkins and Fall Festival

I know this post is a little late.

This year we decided to do something fun in our house to welcome Fall. Since I don’t like Fall, merely for the fact that Winter follows, I knew that I needed to have a positive approach and at least do some fun activities with my children.

This year we carved a pumpkin. Can you believe that my husband has NEVER carved a pumpkin in his whole life? I thought it was quite humorous when he told me that small fact.

This year our church Fall Festival was on October 25.

Jake wanted to be a monkey this year. He used Judd’s outfit from last year. Judd decided to be a Georgia Football player this year. Last but not least. Baby girl was a Princess with Pigtails. The boys enjoyed to the festival. Anna Kate was really high maintenance. Jim and I were TIRED when we got home. She didn’t want to stay in the stroller and she didn’t want to walk WITH us when she was out. Needless to say, we were wiped.

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