Happy Anniversary!

Another year has come and gone. It is truly amazing how quickly the past 7 years have come and gone. It was on this day 7 years ago that I said “I do” to the love of my life. The one who completes me. When I said those two words that day I imagined how wonderful our marriage would be and God continues to amaze me because it is so much better than I imagined.

The other day I was telling a neighbor that our anniversary was today and that we have been married 7 years, her response was “you have been busy.” This is so true. In 7 years we have moved four times, have three children, one dog, one fish and one cat. The biggest blessing is that each year gets sweeter and sweeter or gooder and gooder depending on where you live.

Jim, you are my best encourager. You know me so well yet you love me anyway. Thanks for making family such a priority in our lives. Thank you for how you cherish me like I am the greatest gift God’s ever given you. I love you! I respect you! I need you!
Happy Anniversary!

Here we are 7 years ago today:

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