Lowe’s Barber Shop

While we were visiting my mom the week after Christmas Jim and I decided to take the boys for a special treat. We took them to get their hair cut at a barber shop. Not just any barber shop, Lowe’s Barber Shop in Warner Robins, Georgia.

This is the same barber shop that Jim went to when he was a little boy with his granddaddy, Ernie. When we walked in Jim said, “still looks the same. same three guys are here.”

The boys were able to get there number and then wait for it to be called.
It was a fun experience for them. They thought it was really cool to get their hair cut the same place that their Daddy and Uncle Dan got their hair cut when they were little. Lowe’s has now cut hair for four generations of Perdue men.

Yes, Dan, I know that you still get your hair cut there.

As you can tell we didn’t worry about brushing their hair before taking them to get it cut.

Judd was a little nervous so he sat on Jim’s lap. The really cool part was the vacuum that are attached to the clippers. The vacuums suck all the hair as it is being cut.
I totally forgot to take the after wards pictures. Duh!

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  1. We love Kevin! But we haven’t been there lately. Since Nathan’s hair has been short, I’ve been cutting it. But I think we might be headed over there tomorrow. He’s wanted to leave his hair longer for the winter so it will be warmer.

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