Jake Loves Everything Georgia (Football)

Tonight at basketball practice Jake’s coach was handing him a blue and white basketball and he said that he wasn’t allowed to use that one. I happen to be looking that way and she mouthed to me “Why isn’t he allowed to use this one?” Confused I said “he is” and I looked at him and said “you can use it.” As the words were coming out of my mouth he said “but it has Memphis Tigers on the side. I can’t use it.” I got tickled and his daddy did a double fist pump into the air. “That’s my boy!”

All of this Go Bulldogs is music to our ears. For the past year, Jake has been anti-bulldogs, anti-UGA everything. He was so bad that he would pull for any team that played UGA. We really couldn’t understand why he did not like them but we did not make a big deal unless he was being disrespectful or obnoxious. We think that he was so anti-UGA was because everyone would pick on him and he didn’t understand that it was all in fun.

Something happened, during Thanksgiving break. We went to Georgia to visit family and the night we were driving back he could not wait to get home to watch Georgia play Georgia Tech but the best part was he wanted Georgia to beat Tech. We couldn’t believe what we were hearing. Was this the same boy that would cry any time we asked him to wear his UGA shirts, was this they same boy who completely rebelled when we bought him a very cool UGA jersey. Yes it was, so of course he was allowed to stay up way past his bed time to watch the Bulldogs win. It was so funny to watch him jump up on the bed when the scored, high five when they made a great play, and get mad when they made a bad play. Ever since that night his favorite color is red, he only wants to wear Bulldog clothing, and he LOVES to watch football. He loves Georgia Football but he has become a bit obsessed with watching all football. He eats all of his meals in 2.5 seconds if he thinks a game is on. He will run into the room and check the score. This is a very fun season in his life, one that we are thoroughly enjoying with him.

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