2010 Marathon Challenge

In 2009, I really worked on developing an area of my physical life that I never thought was possible. I NEVER thought I would be 30 years old and running a 10k in July much less a half-marathon in December. Throughout my training especially when I was training alone, I would think about the shape of my spiritual life. I would compare my dedication to running to my dedication to the Lord. For example, do I eagerly anticipate getting up at 6:15 to spend time reading the Bible like I did when i was running this summer. (I say summer because I didn’t not enjoy running during the winter. Not a good comparison).

This year I have decided to take on another challenge but this year will be a spiritual marathon. I am going to read through the whole Bible this year. I have chosen to read through in chronological order. Jim and I are doing it together and it has been a lot of fun.

I will keep you updated on how well we are doing throughout the year.

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